Salmon Favourite Comfort Food Recipes Book  SA120

Favourite Comfort Food Recipes Salmon Books SA120

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A compilation of ‘comfort food recipes’, compiled by Astrid Bartlett, feature in this title from the 'Salmon Favourite Recipe' series of books.

'Illustrated with nostalgic scenes of village life, this book brings together a collection of favourite tasty and feel-good dishes. When the weather is gloomy or we just need something to cheer us up we often turn to comfort food and these warming traditional recipes include soups and puddings as well as main courses.’

Measuring around 16.75 cm x 11.75 cm, this charming little paperback has 48 quality pages, covering 34 recipes.
It opens with an alphabetical list of the recipes contained within (2nd image below refers).

Each recipe opens with the title, a relevant note, the list of ingredients and the method.

Salmon Favourite Comfort Food Recipes Book by Dorrigo SA120
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