Oxford Diecast Stobart Group 5 Piece Set 76SET73

Oxford Diecast Stobart Group 5 Piece Set 76SET73

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This set of 1:76 scale light commercial vans reflects the wide range of the Stobart Group activities and includes 76FT010 The Ford Transit long wheelbase Hi-Top decorated in the company's Stobart Rail colour scheme of a white body and blue graphics incorporating the stylised rail tracks printed in red on both the van sides and the bonnet. Registered YP58 PXZ, in real life, the vehicle operates as part of the company's rail freight business. 76FT012 Ford Transit Mk 5 Low Roof, SWB also belongs to the Stobart Rail fleet in their Civil Engineering Department. The characteristic white body with blue and red graphics also features black exterior trim and a black interior. The van is registered BT62 NTF.

76FTC006 is a replica of the very modern Ford Transit Connect decorated as a support vehicle for Stobart Air, which operates flights between Ireland, the UK and parts of Europe. Our model is registered PK12 AZO and its bright blue graphics on a silver grey background show it as operating out of London Southend Airport. A central chequered band of blue and white runs the complete length of both sides and the blue and white colour scheme is repeated in a chevron effect across the back doors. The bonnet has been given a solid blue finish.

76MSV001 The Mercedes Sprinter Van which appears in the bright blue and white livery of Stobart Air as operated at London Southend Airport is modelled on the standard 4-door cargo version representing the second generation of the van which was upgraded in 2006. 

76MSV002 The Mercedes Sprinter Van in Stobart Rail livery as part of their Civil Engineering fleet. The white bodywork carries the blue Stobart name with stylised red railway tracks graphics on the sides and bonnet of the van which is registered PF63 JZU from the second half of 2013. 



Oxford Diecast Stobart Group 5 Piece Set 76SET73

These are all 1:76 scale models and each are approximately 6- 7cm's in length. The set comes on a plinth (models can be removed) with a clear cased lid.

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